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Presentation in Oberndorf - cont. A special pistol makes a world career Second book on the Parabellum 08 presented in the weapons museum / international collectors meeting. By Elfi Roth Oberndorf.   Every   year   an   international   group   meets   at   the   weapons   museum,   this   group   consists   of   collectors   and   enthusiasts   of   the   legendary Parabellum Pistol 08. They come from Belgium, the Netherlands, the USA and from Germany. Former staff of the Mauser company are also there. Last   year   the   first   book   on   one   of   the   most   famous   selfloading   pistols   was   presented   by   the   authors   Don   Hallock   (USA)   and   Joop   van   de   Kant (Netherlands). That discussed the production of the Prabellum 08 at the Mauser factory in Oberndorf between 1930 and 1945. During   this   meeting   the   museum   leader Andreas   Kussmann-Hochhalter   was   given   a   copy   of   the   second   book   on   the   them   by   the   authors   Mauro Baudino   (Italy)   and   Gerben   van   Vlimmeren   (Netherlands),   with   the   title   "The   Parabellum   Is   Back".   This   book   discusses   the   production   from   1945 until 2000 at Mauser and also refers to the company of Krieghoff in Suhl, wo also produced the pistol. In   both   books   several   types   of   the   Parabellum   08   are   described   in   detail   with   many   technical   improvements   that   were   implemented   during   the years,   detailed   and   illustrated.   The   self   loading   pistol   was   developed   by   the Austrian   Georg   J.   Luger,   based   on   the   functional   principle   of   the   C93 pistol   that   was   developed   by   Hugo   Borchardt,   it   was   significantly   smaller   and   more   user   friendly.   The   production   was   done   by   Deutsche   Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken in Berlin. The first series production commenced in 1900 and it was introduced as army pistol in Germany in 1908. The   move   of   the   production   lines   from   Berlin   to   Oberndorf   took   place   in   1930.   Led   by August   Weiss,   Mauser   produced   about   a   million   Parabellum pistols   until   the   end   of   World   War   2.   In   1970,   at   request   of   the   American   company   Interarms,   Mauser   took   up   production   again.   In   the   weapons museum a commemorative pistols 1971-1991 is on display. A jewel for collectors and enthusiasts.
The Parabellum is Back! 1945 - 2000