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© Mauro Baudino & Gerben van Vlimmeren 2010 - 2011
Researches... The   research   has   been   based   on   the   analysis   of   archives   as well as guns and accessories. The   authors   had   the   opportunity   of   studying   official   archives from   Nations   (Germany,   France,   Norway)   involved   in   the   Post WWII   development   and   use   of   the   Parabellum   as   well   as   the Mauser archives. The    direct    access    to    the    Paul    Mauser    and    Georg    Luger archives    help    the    authors    in    explaining    with    an    extensive amount   of   details   the   relationship   between   the   two   inventors. See . The   access   to   the   Mauser   Archive   from   Prof.   Dr.   Gminder   and to    the   Archive    of    Mr.    Görtz    provides    an    incredible    level    of details for the first time available. Thanks    to    the    complete    set    of    Blue    Prints    and    production sheets   the   complete   description   of   the   guns   compared   with   the previous productions is available. Frequent   visits   to   Oberndorf   meeting   the   people   involved   in   the post    WWII    Parabellum    development    provide    an    in-depth knowledge about all the small production details. 
Picture taken during one of the Kü meetings in Oberndorf. Starting from the left: Mr.   Otto   Repa ,   responsible   for   the   Mauser   Parabellum   assembly   from   1970 until   1975,   and   then   quality   assurance   from   1975   until   1979.    Mr.   Gerd   Schön , in   charge   of   the   export   sales   for   the   civilian   market   from   1968   until   1971   and domestic   sales   until   1977.    Dr.   Rolf   Gminder ,   former   Manager   of   Mauser Jagdwaffen   GmbH.    Mr.   Mauro   Baudino   and   Gerben   van   Vlimmeren ,    the authors.     Mr.    Joop    van    De    Kant ,    collector,    co-author    of    The    Mauser Parabellum   1930-1946.    The   picture   was   taken   at   the   Weapon   Museum   in Oberndorf.
The Parabellum is Back! 1945 - 2000
Kü meetings in Oberndorf. © Mauro Baudino & Gerben van Vlimmeren 2010 - 2011