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An interesting Early Mauser Parabellum The   frame   has   the   markings   for   the   Interarms   contract   version,   the   safety   area   is   marked   with   'SAFE'   rather than 'GESICHERT' and the extractor is marked 'LOADED'. No Interarms markings are present on the pistol, however.   So,   we   have   established   that   the   combination   that   is   present   on   this   pistol,      an   early   frame   with   the   Swiss opening   curve   and   a   4"   .30   luger   barrel   will   not   function   properly,   especially   combined   with   the   Mauser-style chamber   area   on   the   receiver.   On   the   Swiss   06/29   the   chamber   area   on   the   receiver   is   lathe   turned   down   in order   to   reduce   the   total   weight   of   the   barrel/receiver   combination.   This   leads   to   a   visual   effect   that   was   not appreciated   by   the   largest   customer,   Interarms,   so   keeping   the   Swiss   style   receiver   optics   was   not   an   option for   Mauser.   All   in   all   it   is   clear   that   this   pistol   was   not   meant   for   shooting,   but   mainly   as   a   demonstration   or promotional    piece,    using    parts    that    could    not    be    used    in    normal    production    anymore.   This    would    place production   somewhere   between   may   of   1971   (due   to   the   heart   marking)   and   early   1973   (when   the   new   style P08 frames were available). This   brings   us   to   the   box.   The   Styrofoam   insert   in   the   cardboard   Interarms-marked   box   is   already   shaped   for the   P08   style   grip.   The   box   itself   lacks   the   normal   production   label   on   the   side   which   shows   the   calibre,   barrel length   and   gun   serial   number.   This   indicates   that   the   box   was   made   in   late   1972,   early   1973   at   its   earliest. According    to    the    seller,    the    pistol    had    come    to    Germany    via    Switzerland    where    it    had    served    as    a demonstration    pistol.    Judging    from    the    properties    of    this    particular    pistol,    that    explanation    seems    to    be plausible. Gerben van Vlimmeren
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