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An interesting Early Mauser Parabellum To sum up some of the pistol's details. The   frame   is   the   first   production   version   which   has   the   Swiss   opening   curve.   Mauser   discovered   early   during their   development   that   the   Swiss   had   altered   the   opening   curve   of   their   06/29   pistol   and   as   a   result   Mauser   had difficulty getting several barrel lengths working properly.   Major   problems   were   encountered   with   4"   .30   luger   barrels,   like   the   one   installed   on   this   particular   pistol.   On the   15th   of   January,   1970,   Ludwig   Vorgrimler   informed   the   management   that   development   of   a   4"   .30   luger pistol   had   been   stopped.   The   limited   market   for   a   4"   version,   combined   with   the   difficulties   encountered   didn't warrant   the   investment   in   the   further   development   and   production   of   that   version   at   the   time.   Production   of   4" .30 luger barrel lengths would be restarted after the upgraded frames became available in 1972. Mauser   had   already   made   some   4000   frames   with   the   old   opening   curve   and   still   had   quite   a   few   in   storage.   In order   to   prevent   those   frames   being   used   for   building   pistols   with   barrel   and   calibre   specifications   that   would not   work   with   that   curve,   the   decision   was   made   in   may,   1971   to   mark   those   frames   with   a   small   heart   shaped symbol   in   the   grip   area   just   below   the   pivot   point   of   the   safety   lever.   This   pistol   has   that   frame,   with   the   heart shaped   symbol   in   that   location.   It   signifies   that   the   frame   of   this   pistol   was   at   the   factory   in   may,   1971. Another company   document   tells   us   that   some   1000   4"   .30   luger   barrels   are   in   storage   and   cannot   be   used   until   the opening curve is altered. Further   properties   of   the   pistol   are   a   complete   lack   of   chequered   small   parts   and   toggle   knobs.   Again,   this   is only   found   on   very   early   production   models   and   basically   a   straight   copy   of   the   Swiss   06/29   pattern.   The 'Original Mauser' logon on the toggle is not rolled but engraved or etched into the top of the toggle.
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