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Haenel-like and Levallois magazines 1948 Mauser dated blue print describing the Haenel-like magazine. On top three Levallois magazines made by the French Levallois Arsenal. From the left: Standard   Levallois   magazine,   Standard   Levallois   magazine   still   wrapped   in   the   original   protective   paper,   the only reported numbered Levallois magazine. Note that the blueprint is dated 1948, still has the Mauser Banner and it is bilingual (French and German).  For   an   in-deep   description   of   the   simplified   production   processes   as   well   as   the   main   differences   to   the   Haenel- like magazine please refers to the book at page  141...146. Mauro Baudino Another   view   of   the   three   Levallois   magazines.   These   magazines   are   the   result   of   a   study   tasked   to   the Mauser engineers in Mulhouse finalized to the simplification of the production process for the French Army.
The Parabellum is Back! 1945 - 2000
1948 Mauser blue prints descibing the Haenel magazine body Three Levallois magazines. Next Next