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An interesting Early Mauser Parabellum An   offering   on   a   German   auction   site   of   a   post-war   Mauser   Parabellum   pistol. At   first   glance   it   doesn't   look   that special,   but   as   always   the   devil   is   in   the   details.   From   the   provided   photos   it   is   clear   that   the   pistol   has properties   that   belong   to   the   very   first   and   relatively   small   series   of   early   production   pistols. Apart   from   that,   the barrel   is   a   4   inch   (10cm)   .30   luger   barrel,   which   was   not   taken   into   production   at   first.   Another   giveaway   that this pistol is something extraordinary is the description the seller gives: No serial number, no proof markings. The   combination   of   these   properties   is   enough   to   fuel   my   interest   in   the   pistol.   Contact   is   made,   connections used,   bids   placed   and   after   a   few   tense   days   the   confirmation.   The   pistol   is   mine.   An   extensive   exercise   in European   Union   and   local   paper   work   starts,   some   mistakes   are   being   made   because   my   contact   in   Germany has   moved   and   his   address   changed,   but   all   in   all,   after   some   6   weeks   the   pistol   arrives   at   it's   new   home. Packed in an equally unmarked (more on this later) Interarms box. First   inspection   shows   that   the   pistol   is   in   perfect   condition,   unfired,   without   any   proof   marks   whatsoever   and, as   noted,   without   any   trace   of   a   serial   number.   The   only   number   found   on   the   pistol   is   an   electro   penciled number 6 on the bottom of the breech block. Without   any   numbers   and   proofs,   and   without   additional   paperwork   it   is   difficult   to   date   this   pistol   exactly.   Prof. Dr.   Rolf   Gminder   and   Gerd   Schön   are   contacted.   Both   agree   that   it   is   early   and   Rolf   suspects   that   it   was assembled   to   be   used   as   a   demo   gun,   possibly   for   advertising,   production   of   the   gun   manual   or   some   other promotion purpose.
The Parabellum is Back! 1945 - 2000
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