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Haenel-like and Levallois magazines The   chapter   "Haenel-Like   Magazine"   (page   138-139-140)   describes   the   magazine   model   used   in   Oberndorf   for   the   P08/LP08   made from June 1945 until April 1946. It   has   been   discussed   at   page   63,   that   150   Mauser   workers   moved   from   Oberndorf   to   Mulhouse,   among   them   Ludwig   Vorgrimler (born   September   7,   1912,   in   Freiburg,   Germany;   died   1983)   that   was   also   deeply   involved   in   the   Parabellum   reintroduction   after   1969 mainly fighting with the new magazine production (see letter at page 70). Most   of   the   Mauser   engineers   were   used   to   commute   every   day;   but   because   Oberndorf   is   around   150   Km   far   from   Mulhouse   some of them moved with the family to the village of Müllheim that is only 30 Km far from Mulhouse. The   Mauser   engineers   in   Mulhouse   received   the   task   of   describing   the   P08   magazine   production   with   blueprints   and   then   simplify   the production to fulfill the needs of the French Army. The   process   ends   with   the   production   of   the   Haenel-simplified   magazine   called   "Levallois"   and   deeply   described   from   page   141   till 146. Some   additional   interesting   blueprints   describing   the   Haenel-like   magazine   study   in   Mulhouse   in   1948   are   now   available   (Mr.   Walter Schmid archive (1925 - 2009, Oberndorf)). Interesting to note that some of the blueprints still have the Mauser banner and they are bilingual (German and French).
The Parabellum is Back! 1945 - 2000
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