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Mauro Baudino Mauro    Baudino    was    born    in    Sanremo    (Italy)    in    1967.        He    is    a recognized    firearm    historian    specialized    in    Mauser    history    and production.   He   is   the   author   of   two   books,   “La   Luger Artiglieria”   (The Artillery   Luger)   published   by   Editoriale   Olimpia   S.P.A.,   Firenze,   Italy in   2003   and   “The   Parabellum   is   Back!   1945-2000”   published   by Simpson,   USA,   Ltd.   in   2010   and   several   articles   published   in   Italy, Germany   and   the   United   States.   His   collection   includes   extensive portions   of   the   Paul   Mauser   Private   Archive   and   Mauser   Company Archive.   This   invaluable   source   of   documents   is   the   base   of   his researches.    Mauro    has    had    the    opportunity    to    visit    and    live    in several    European    Countries.    This    helps    in    maintaining    personal contact     with     several     European     based     firearm     collectors     and museums.   He   is   also   active   on   the   Internet,   maintaining   websites ,               and     and    as    a    participant    on    the    most important Luger firearm forums.
Gerben van Vlimmeren Gerben van Vlimmeren was born in 1969 and raised in the southern part of the Netherlands. I   have   had   a   passing   interest   in   military   history   and   in   firearms   as   a result   of   living   not   too   far   from   a   well-used   military   training   facility   in the   nearby   woods,   only   a   few   miles   from   the   Belgian   border.   This area,   once   decorated   with   the   remains   of   a   WWII   Sherman   tank, offered   a   lot   for   young   kids   looking   for   adventure,   and   many   hours were    spent    walking    through    the    forest    and    looking    for    spent ammunition.   During   my   military   service,   getting   an   Uzi   as   a   main weapon.   In   2001,   I   joined   a   local   sport   shooting   club   and   took   up (well,   attempted   to   take   up)   sports   shooting,   which   led   me   to   an almost   accidental   purchase   of   my   first   Parabellum   pistol,   a   Dutch KNIL   contract   pistol,   which   I   did   use   for   target   practice   in   the   years to   come.      When   a   damaged   post   war   Mauser   Parabellum   from 1972   came   upon   my   path   I   was   hooked,   fascinated   by   the   rebirth   of this    pre-war    design    and    intrigued    by    the    question    why    anyone would   have   wanted   to   revive   the   design.   A   German   contact   in   the S-Klasse   Club   happened   to   be   involved   in   the   last   stage   of   the Mauser   Parabellum   adventure,   and   through   him   my   interest   in   the Mauser    Parabellum    was    greatly    increased.   The    advance    of    the internet   and   the   creation   of   several   excellent   gun   forums   allowed me to get up to speed with the subject relatively quickly.
The Parabellum is Back! 1945 - 2000