Thanks to all the people that contributed to this project...
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© Mauro Baudino & Gerben van Vlimmeren 2010 - 2011
Special Contributors Dr. Rolf Gminder, Heilbronn - Germany Reinhard Kornmayer, Singen – Germany Otto Repa, Oberndorf am Neckar – Germany Gerd Schön, Oberndorf am Neckar – Germany Joop van De Kant, Antwerpen – Belgium Joël Giraudeau – France.
Commemorative LP08 with Ivory Grips.  Mauro Baudino & Gerben van Vlimmeren 2010 - 2011
Contributors Gimat-Latu Patrice, Montauban – France Luc Guillou – France Christophe Dutrône– France Petracco Paolo, Cremona –Italy Francis C. Allan, Florida – USA Thompson D. Knox 1, St. Louis, Missouri – USA Hasse Welander – Switzerland Nico van Gijn – The Netherlands Gerben Klein-Balting – The Netherlands Friedrich (Fritz) Mller – Germany Dr. Nelson Dinamarco – Brazil Maurice Burg, Chatenois – France Robert Losson, Auvillar – France Christian Clanet – France Klaus Merzbach – Germany
This   book   is   the   result   of   several   years   of   research   that   could   not   be   completed   without   the   help of   friends   and   collectors   sharing   our   passion.   We   will   probably   forget   to   mention   a   host   of contributors,   for   which   we   offer   our   sincere   apologies.   A   special   thank   you   to   John   Dunkle   and Jan   C.   Still   for   their   excellent   Luger   forums   which   have   helped   to   speed   up   so   many   research projects   by   providing   an   internet   platform   for   the   exchange   of   contacts   and   ideas.   Also   to   their moderators,   Edward   Tinker   and   John   Sabato,   and,   of   course,   to   all   regular   contributors   of   both forums.   On   a   more   personal   note,   Gerben   wishes   to   thank   his   father   and   brother   (Kees   Sr.   and Kees Jr,) for their constant support and source of inspiration. The   following   individuals   and   institutions   had   a   major   role   in   our   research,   providing   information, documents and pictures.
The Parabellum is Back! 1945 - 2000